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Stone Medal is a new award to be presented annually to a journalist whose work captures the spirit of independence, integrity, courage and indefatigability that characterized I.
This utter disregard for the labour laws that had given New Zealand a reputation for being the 'the working man's paradise' was, however, taken as proof of their 'natural' indefatigability.
I recall a talk on the radio by a man of the cloth who cited Jewish writer and Auschwitz survivor Primo Levi's book, If This is a Man, as a brilliant example of the indefatigability of the human spirt and how human beings will always look on the bright side.
The pop opera milked tears with the same indefatigability as the smoke machines that kept its stage drenched in soupy atmosphere.
The idea of the immortality and indefatigability of African resistance, which is central to Garveyism, is the core element of Egbuniwe's verse.
The indefatigability of our members to keep up this just fight is astonishing and I know they will be further heartened by the presence of local political figures and the show of support and solidarity by fellow trade unionists around the country.
Mocking Galloway's famous remark to tyrant Saddam Hussein, it ended: "We salute housemates' courage, strength and indefatigability.
Perhaps gruesome George Galloway will turn up as a star witness for the defence, ready once more to salute Saddam's courage, strength and indefatigability
What distinguishes this set of writings, however, is, on the one hand, a greater sense of urgency, a fierceness of energy remarkable given the author's already awe-inspiring indefatigability, and, on the other hand, an explicit and deliberately cultivated politics of self-critique that shadows the critique of the adversary in ways hitherto unexplored.
Henry's generosity, indefatigability, and atonement with all whom he meets has been a source of inspiration for those he encounters along the way.
Aware of this delusion, Hopkins sought the multivalent objects in nature, the forces through which he felt God most strongly, to reveal the indefatigability of the "dearest freshness deep down things" despite the dreary cities in the distance.