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And when we discuss other extraordinary abilities of BB Shaheed, they include her indefatigability, quick power of decision (including obviously some bold decisions).
The architecture and general character of the quarter as it appears today are indebted to the visionary ideals and indefatigability of the man in charge of city planning and extensions in the early 1900s: Robert Schmidt (1869-1934).
in 1994 he told Saddam Hussein: "Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability." The MP claimed his words were directed to the Iraqi people rather than their dictatorial leader.
Indefatigability and enduring outrage are among them, and Navratilova has both when she speaks about injustice continually inflicted on gay people.
The study is informed by the theories of polyvocity from Bakhtin, Barthes and Kristeva and of language games and the indefatigability of writing in the work of Blanchot, Wittgenstein and Deleuze.
Transitioning away from skilled labor and artisans, industrialized production practices replaced the skills of individual craftsmen with the increased productivity and standardization of machines; resulting in industrial products which represented the efficacy and indefatigability of the machines and not the skill, individuality, and intelligence of the worker.
The US envoy to the IAEA praised his "indefatigability," and the incoming director general, 62 year-old Japanese diplomat Yukiya Amano, expressed his "deep respect."
No one has worked harder and longer and with more imagination and indefatigability than Dr Mohamed ElBaradei," Davies told reporters on Friday and paid a similarly glowing tribute as the agency's board wrapped up its two-day meeting.
In France, the defence of freedom of expression entails 'that we not only defend one's right to express his or her view, but that we become interested therein so as to refute it' (81)--an entirely unreasonable expectation, as Barsky suggests, albeit one that is part of the Chomsky Effect, given Chomsky's indefatigability and erudition, which give the impression of his 'simply having read everything' (82).
Their personae of rugged individualism and indefatigability define the best of the cowboy spirit.
Stone Medal is a new award to be presented annually to a journalist whose work captures the spirit of independence, integrity, courage and indefatigability that characterized I.F.
This utter disregard for the labour laws that had given New Zealand a reputation for being the 'the working man's paradise' was, however, taken as proof of their 'natural' indefatigability. The Chinese were accused of lowering working conditions in New Zealand, even as the patient industry they demonstrated was being urged among Pakeha workers.