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In a nutshell: Either you'll find Bell's indefatigability mitigates her character's suffering or makes all that pain that much more quease-inducing: It's a tossup.
Henry's generosity, indefatigability, and atonement with all whom he meets has been a source of inspiration for those he encounters along the way.
Aware of this delusion, Hopkins sought the multivalent objects in nature, the forces through which he felt God most strongly, to reveal the indefatigability of the "dearest freshness deep down things" despite the dreary cities in the distance.
What Coulter had was indefatigability, especially in the writing of Georgian history, but it is hard to see that he was ever intellectually influential, except in reinforcing what was banal to his generation, and in minor matters.
Mev admired Mother Teresa's indefatigability, but she followed in Dom Helder's footsteps.
We saw Deacon's procession along the creek in a new fictional, factual light of peculiar irony and folk indefatigability and deprivation.
I bought this in Berlin when my wife's indefatigability when walking about the city (which is an absolutely fantastic holiday destination, by the way, and remarkably cheap) defeated me.
Mr Austin replied by pointing out that Mr Galloway had once praised Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, telling him in 1994: "Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability.
The American's indefatigability brought him 18 Olympic gold medals, two silver and two bronze, an unprecedented total, and after he scratches a travelling itch he will set himself new objectives.
Joey gives an early hint of his indefatigability by successfully ploughing the farm's rock-strewn bottom field but soon bloodier fields are beckoning.
It might sound morbid, but it is ultimately uplifting, and if you have ever doubted the indefatigability of the human spirit, then this will restore your hope for the future of mankind
Even the man's harshest critics have conceded his stay provided superb voyeuristic viewing, and saluted his courage, his strength and his indefatigability.