indefeasible right

See: birthright
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I was from Con- necticut, whose Constitution declares "that all political power is inherent in the people, and all free govern- ments are founded on their authority and instituted for their benefit; and that they have AT ALL TIMES an undeni- able and indefeasible right to ALTER THEIR FORM OF GOVERN- MENT in such a manner as they may think expedient."
Alone in the world, cast off by it, and with this sole treasure to keep her heart alive, she felt that she possessed indefeasible rights against the world, and was ready to defend them to the death.
XII, [section] 3 ("That all men have a natural and indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences; that no man can of right be compelled to attend, erect, or support any place of worship, or to maintain any ministry against his consent...."); Tenn.
In addition, GCX's IFRS EBITDA less indefeasible right of use (IRU) revenue from deferred and one-off, has increased by 17 per cent in the quarter as compared to Q3 FY18.
The company's recently upgraded network connections to Russia's European and Asian neighbouring countries provides opportunities for recurring indefeasible right of use (IRU) proceeds from international operators, over the next few years.
Cable system revenue contribution is categorised as recurring and non-recurring contracts, where some are contracted under leased capacities, and some are contracted under the indefeasible right of use for the cable's lifetime.
As per the memo, the Indian company will get IRUs (Indefeasible Right of Use) on Middle East, North Africa Submarine Cable (MENA Cable) and TE North Cable Systems.
The "absurd Notions" of passive obedience and indefeasible right were "never own'd by the Church of England, and are directly inconsistent with a Limited Monarchy" By 1725 John Liptrott affirmed God's indifference to a family or a specific form of government.
indefeasible right cannot be defeated by the political processes usually
In Scotland, indefeasible right was championed by Bishop John Leslie, while the rival concept of defeasible right was set out by George Buchanan, particularly in his De Juri Regni apud Scotos (1579).
(NASDAQ and TASE: PTNR), an Israeli communications operator, has announced that the company is holding negotiations with Cellcom Israel Ltd., another Israeli telecommunications operator, regarding a potential long term cooperation agreement, for the deployment of a fiber optics infrastructure by both companies, whereby each party will be entitled to purchase from time to time, as per its needs and at its sole discretion, fiber optic infrastructure services (including Indefeasible Right of Use - IRU) from the other party's present and/or future fiber optics infrastructure in order to connect residential buildings throughout Israel, the company said.
He apparently shrinks from its assertion as a natural and indefeasible right. But the concession which the Civilta Cattolica says the Church makes is not all we demand, because in it the Church reserves the right to revoke it when she deems herself strong enough, or judges it for her interest to do so.