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83) </pre> <p>What Miller accomplishes with Willy, John Proctor, Eddie Carbone, and the Franz brothers is similar to what Ammons allows his poetic personae to achieve--a sense of the relationship between past and present, a consciousness of the elusiveness and indefinability of both realistic and metaphysical experience, and the capacity to comprehend that such mutually exclusive realties both "inform and deform" experience.
The very issue of indefinability had already been raised early in the text, during the conversation between De Selby and Saint Augustine, in the following passage (Saint Augustine in italics):</p> <pre> --The prime things--existence, time, the godhead, death, paradise and the satanic pit, these are abstractions.
Juan Flo, The Definition of Art Before (and After) its Indefinability
Along such lines, the Convent's perpetual indefinability is suggested in its changing history from a decadent embezzler's mansion to a Catholic boarding school for Indian girls to its present function.
But lambs,' he adds softly, 'I like its electric feel; its diaspora of meanings; its indefinability.
Scarry reads the bodiless God of the Old Testament, who is all Voice, as intent upon making himself known on the bodies of humans--to remind them of their lowly status and his absolute power and indefinability.
This has meant an attempt to imitate life in its complexity resulting in a multiplicity of perspective, naturalistic rendering of character, splintering of consciousness, unfixed temporality, shifting of narrative viewpoint and an indefinability of meaning.
But in insisting upon the essential vagueness and indefinability of the GOOD, Emmet obviously disallows herself the resources of any such account.
She wanted to stress the continuous flow of experience and the indefinability of character and external circumstances as they impinge on consciousness.
Its greater etymological susceptibility to semantic and evaluative drift gave it a certain advantage in expressive efforts to link human individuality with indefinability.
365) Without clear boundaries, courts rely on the indefinability of religion as a means to reach a result based on the individual judge's feelings rather than precedent, granting protection to some moral and ethical beliefs, but withholding protection from beliefs the judge deems immoral.
Ultimately, a problem of indefinability hangs around categories such as 'Old Masters' and 'contemporary'.