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They continue to present material in a two-semester format, the first on computability theory (enumerability, diagonalization, Turing compatibility, uncomputability, abacus computability, recursive functions, recursive sets and relations, equivalent definitions of computability) and basic metalogic (syntax, semantics, the undecidability of first-order logic, models and their existence, proofs and completeness, arithmetization, representability of recursive functions, indefinability, undecidability, incompleteness and the unprobability of inconsistency).
As a discursive construction as well as construal of (cultural) reality, an-other (alternative) mode or more properly zone of thinking, it engenders nuanced and apparently infinite metonymic and metaphoric permutations, commingling of meanings, and general indefinability.
We will now see why, since if "Mourning defies definition just as melancholia, its unworkable other, defies mourning," then to admit the indefinability of the work of mourning into a discourse pursuing a critical knowledge is to undo, on principle, the definitions on which this essay relies insofar as I am attempting to produce an understanding of the literary letter, the figure of allegory, and the geopolitical figuration of the I-land (693).
The Ammons and Miller protagonist may become suspended between the reality of the actual world and the indefinability of the metaphysical realm, but that protagonist always discovers resolution and reconciliation, even when such resolution ends in death (e.
The indefinability of Kate's relationship with Densher, conveyed from Kate's point of view and in her dialogue with Densher, echoes the political heteroglossia that marks the debate over marriage reform.
This is the dark, centerless hollow to which O'Brien finally journeyed, and having long ago outgrown the textual metafictional games of At Swim-Two-Birds, he retained the sense of indefinability that resides in all three prior novels written two decades before.