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Its opening movement is magnificent, confining a sense of indefinable yearning within an aristocratically-contained framework.
Glamour, by the way, is that indefinable quality a woman with big breasts has.
Forget that the LA group were ripped to the gills on acid and heroin, there was an indefinable magic in the air which they captured and fed into eternally mind-blowing songs such as You Set The Scene, The Red Telephone and A House Is Not A Motel.
But, his frequent altercations with members of the small, selut audience only add to his strange, almost indefinable appeal.
It requires an indefinable genius - and Trapattoni might just have it, if his impressive haul of silverware from across Europe is anything to go by.
And we all know glamour is that indefinable something about a woman with big t*ts.
Offering an indefinable quality of peace and timelessness, Corfu is a small island with big personality
STAR quality is that indefinable trait that makes someone stand out in a crowd.
She's gorgeous, talented and she's got that indefinable star quality by the bucketful.
He had an indefinable quality - I used to call it the X-factor before the TV show.
With plain but evocative prose and a pair of ceaselessly endearing protagonists, Definitions of Indefinable Things is perfect for readers of middle school age and above.
I have read an article on girls as young as seven feeling pressured to conform to some indefinable standard.