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Farrow says it can be hard to tell whether some esoteric derivatives case was one of theft or forgery, or whether it was simply indefinably dishonest without actually breaking the law.
Like other major historical events, the Civil War passed through several definable stages of remembrance that merged indefinably into one another before the war finally became something that could only be read about in books and the inscriptions on monuments.
Certain mean, mouldering villas behind grass-grown courts have an indefinably sinister look [.
Ours is an age in which intellectuals, artists, philosophers, mystics, rebels, and multitudes of the indefinably discontented feel themselves to be heroic antagonists of this world and its evil gods, "wrestling" -- to use words attributed to St.
Yet they are indefinably different from every other kind of wild flower and inescapably exotic even - perhaps especially - when you find them in some scruffy, neglected corner or thriving on wasteland.
There is something indefinably moving about Mingliang and Ruijuan's story.
There was something about that voice and that physical presence that indefinably and inexplicably made us feel that that America was finding its way back to self respect.
There's something indefinably logical about using the later lineage of yesteryear's teen-pop dynasties to float revivals of yesteryear's rock-pop musicals.
In some cases, this version of the sustainability criterion requires the present to abstain from risky activities even when the probability of adverse outcomes is indefinably small and the activities would generate probable benefits accruing to members of future generations.
The structure is recognizable, but the furnishings have been rearranged or reupholstered, and familiar outlines seem indefinably distorted.