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Such a burden of proof leads men into a never-ending cycle of masculine testimony that is experienced indefinably as a relentless and debilitating trial (Kimmel, 1997).
Soprano Kate Valentine and baritones Quentin Hayes and Daniel Grice were all three first-rate, and mezzo Anne-Marie Owens something indefinably beyond that.
In these polyphonic jazzy streams of data, irony is a frequent guest star, but so, also, indefinably, affection for the world, and an insistence on the truth and value of beauty.
From the wondrous (lighting up civic buildings) to the reflective (the extraordinary 'rice show'), and taking in a riot of colour and culture that is indefinably, but definitely Brummie, the weekend was an astonishing and popular success.
The short story exists somewhere vaguely and perhaps indefinably between a novel and a poem.
The new naked face is indefinably made up but still very `done', projecting an enigmatic radiance.
There are his clothes, which appear to her a costume: certainly, though indefinably, not his own.
That is what gives the indefinably virile and even adventurous quality to this view of life; as compared with that which holds that material influences pour in upon an utterly helpless mind, or that which holds that psychological influences pour out and create an entirely baseless phantasmagoria.
Farrow says it can be hard to tell whether some esoteric derivatives case was one of theft or forgery, or whether it was simply indefinably dishonest without actually breaking the law.
Certain mean, mouldering villas behind grass-grown courts have an indefinably sinister look [.
Ours is an age in which intellectuals, artists, philosophers, mystics, rebels, and multitudes of the indefinably discontented feel themselves to be heroic antagonists of this world and its evil gods, "wrestling" -- to use words attributed to St.