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Contract awarded for indelible acquisition for surgical skin marker sterile, disposable, metric scale with built, individually packaged, moh no.
SIR Michael Stoute has had just a couple of runners at Redcar in the past five seasons, making the presence of Indelible Ink of huge interest in the British Stallion Studs EBF Yorkshire Regiment Maiden Stakes.
It is a aACAyblack mark' that does not erase easily, popularly known as indelible ink or voter's ink.
We went to see her lecture and that made an indelible impression on me," Contactmusic quoted her as telling WENN.
This definitive collection of the poetry of Lynda Hull is part of the 'Graywolf Poetry Re/View Series' and serves to introduce a whole new generation of readers to the indelible and memorable verse of Lynda Hull (1954-1994) and constitutes a fitting memorial to a truly gifted poet.
In these 11 tracks, split between catchy indie pop and more experimental efforts, singer/guitarist James Mercer's infectious, indelible melodic style is elemental.
The horrors he experienced--cruelties, cold-blooded killing, and cowardice under fire among his allies, left a seemingly indelible imprint upon his life.
It's a picture that "I regard as one of the most indelible of our work," says Kornberg.
I envisioned a book that would honor the millions of unsung heroes of America's armed forces who have become disabled for life while defending our freedom, and I knew Jesse's pen would leave an indelible mark of gratitude and respect on the courageous stories of the disabled veterans profiled.
Legendary judge Constance Baker Motley left an indelible mark as a civil rights advocate and gifted scholar.
The building is one of dozens that Cohen has left his indelible mark upon during a stellar 55-year real estate career that began in 1950, when he joined Williams Real Estate Co.
POPE Benedict XVI has said the Nazi concentration camps remained "an indelible shame in the history of humanity".