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Each pipe to be marked with indelible ink or indelibly inscribed on both ends, for the specific identity of the supply, as directed by, the tendering authority.
To think that our surname would be indelibly linked with London through the naming of a street after Winehouse is remarkable.
While these activities may still have a place, modern manufacturing is indelibly bound up with research as carried out at the University of Birmingham.
Photographs of the demonstrations in Tahrir Square then are burned indelibly in one's mind, and pictures of the protests there now bring many of the old ones back into crystal-clear focus.
It is a number that is indelibly etched in my mind, as it must be with lots of others of my generation.
Belfast's Golden Girl of the 1972 Munich Olympics might have been indelibly linked with Northern Ireland, but while others lost sight of the fact that the pentathlon gold medallistwas born at Higher Road, Halewood, Mary never did.
With almost 700 employees in Colorado, the company's images have been indelibly etched on the public's collective mind in the form of photographs of carnage in Syria and fallout in Fukushima, Japan, Tarr says, delivered everywhere from Google Earth to the nightly news.
Yes, rickets - the illness indelibly associated with Victorian workhouses.
15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- July 22nd 2011, a day now indelibly ingrained in Norway's history, is the date Anders Behring Breivik killed eight people in a bomb set off outside government headquarters in Oslo and embarked on a 90-minute shooting spree, resulting in the death of 69 young people on Utoya Island.
It's oddball Americana in a way that's indelibly Reid's own.
Kennedy (1963), civil rights leader Medgar Evers (1963), and Malcolm X (1965)--had indelibly marked the national psyche.
Additionally, DISCO indelibly prints the appropriate patient data directly on the CD for identification and shipment.