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For a living treasure like the eightysomething Scully, the beloved icon in his 62nd season broadcasting Dodger baseball games, such indelicacies could not be suffered.
In other medieval literature, the ribald indelicacies of Le lai du Lecheur, for example, are offered in the same high courtly style: the ironic contrast between high medium and low message affords a good part of the humor (A Preface to Chaucer 204).
Its climax (pun intended) occurs during a phantasmagoric two-week orgy where Poole confronts the Arch-Vicar about certain, shall we say, indelicacies of administration.
Yes, his stadium-size gestures translate all the way to the back of the house, but he never jeopardizes the tender nuances by which he and his cohorts give shape to the rude indelicacies and circumspection of modern lives.