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Oliphant's literary history thus precisely reverses the argument that Siskin and others have made about the literature of early nineteenth-century Edinburgh: according to her, the great contribution of Scott and his culture was that they provided a literature that escaped the masculine indelicacy that she finds in much eighteenth-century writing.
I apologize for the indelicacy of the question, but do you have trouble with the toilet paper at your workplace?
It's certainly blinded him to the indelicacy of reminding a new mum of her slack tum.
Oppressed by the heat, Ana takes off her dress; though Carmen protests this indelicacy, it becomes the occasion for all the women, including Estela, to do the same, and to announce a glad acceptance of their imperfect bodies.
One of the major criticisms of Louise Arbour's allegedly hasty indictment of Milosevic, aside from its political indelicacy and the virtual impossibility of his arrest, was that the case might not be solid enough to result in conviction and a maximum sentence.
Bradley's signals to Wall Street that he's their man are, even in these lax times, shameless well beyond the point of indelicacy.
Jack's colleague (the elegant comic novelist, Bruce Jay Friedman) recommends a call-girl in such un-Allenian grossness that he prefigures the indelicacy of Deconstructing Harry.
Since "Howl," [Ginsberg's] recipe has remained pretty much the same throughout; take one part anti-Establishment rhetoric, one part sexual indelicacy, one part scatology and general grubbiness, and mix rather sloppily.
we should greatly hesitate to put any volume of these works, or even any one play, into the hands of youth, whose minds and hearts are easily hurt by coarseness of allusion and by indelicacy of expression.
In sex scenes that combine delicacy with indelicacy to great erotic effect, we are invited to experience both the helpless energy of the boy standing over the bed and the more cultivated sensations of the older, wiser body that he's fucking ("I can't take it all").
Yet I could not convey my mild elation to any of those who thought it fitting to sequester themselves from what they consensually perceived to be a racial indelicacy.
They have been accused of indelicacy, immodesty, have been accused of wishing to neglect their homes and unsex themselves and, O Tempora