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Although deluded, weak, and even indiscreet, Julia was not indelicate.
Jealousy would be too strong, perhaps too indelicate a word, but she alone had detected Betts Shoreham's admiration of the governess; and it was painful to her to permit one who stood in this relation to her own weakness in favor of the young man, to be a witness of an act of extravagance to which she had only half consented in committing it, and of which she already more than half repented.
Philip laughed savagely as he thought of her gentility and the refinement with which she ate her food; she could not bear a coarse word, so far as her limited vocabulary reached she had a passion for euphemisms, and she scented indecency everywhere; she never spoke of trousers but referred to them as nether garments; she thought it slightly indelicate to blow her nose and did it in a deprecating way.
It seems to me such an indelicate sort of thing that I really think the girl ought to have been put to death by the state to prevent its happening.
How inconsiderate, how indelicate, how irrational, how unfeeling had been her conduct
As the fallout from President Trump's indelicate remarks demonstrates, too many Americans are afraid and unwilling to ask which immigrant groups have become a burden to our nation and which have made a contribution to the greatness of America.
There are all those unmentionable and indelicate procedures where men are perhaps not as accepting as women, and times when you have to be particularly patient as well as a patient.
Then, we won't have to cover our children's ears from speeches by our high officials peppered with cusses and indelicate words.
Women entered either through a side door or not at all because the atmosphere could be a bit indelicate.
And while the idea of sponsoring a ballerina might initially seem somewhat indelicate, the cultivation of such benefactors retains solid footing in the dance world.
And while it might seem indelicate to mention it, the price of a coffin can make a big difference to the final bill.
In fact I am completely fed up having it forced down my throat if you pardon the indelicate turn of phrase.