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Neopor was chosen as the insulation material for external walls in several large-scale building projects, including the energy saving renovation project for existing buildings and new indemnificatory buildings of Yangjiazhai community, a total of 240 buildings in Xining, Qinghai Province, as well as more than 150 new residential buildings in Dagang District, Tianjin.
In 2011, the demand from the downstream indemnificatory housing construction offset adverse effects of the real estate downturn, thus China's elevator production continued to lead the world by climbing 23% YoY to 450,000 units.
Professor Cheung will also take the opportunity to visit the Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub, the Shanghai Municipal Transport Information Centre and the Pudong Sanlin indemnificatory housing area, and will exchange views with the relevant municipal officials.
The extent of the real estate decline in 2012 will mainly depend on three factors: the first is the extent of the decline in real estate investment; the second is the hedging efforts of indemnificatory housing investment; the third is to what extent can financial risks in real estate be released.
In 2012, China will continue to increase the control of the real estate industry, and the import environment of wood will face multiple tests; however, the termination of the USA's anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation and the further implementation of indemnificatory housing construction will bring about certain benefits to the wood flooring industry.
During the "Twelfth Five-year Plan" period, China will focus on promoting the construction of indemnificatory housing.
In particular, the construction progress of indemnificatory housing was slow in 2011 H1, and the construction progress was expected to accelerate in 2011 H2, which would prompt rapid growth of cement production and marketing.
Other key economic drivers include the Grand Western Development Program, urbanisation, development of low-carbon technologies, policy of indemnificatory apartments, environmental protection, and reform of income distribution system.
2 Government's complete policy on indemnificatory housing