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She still stood sketching; but, as she sketched, there was a struggle within her, which found expression in the depth of the few last lines the parasol point indented into the table-cloth, and then some tears fell from her eyes.
To the north stretched the limpid, and, as it appeared from that dizzy height, the narrow sheet of the "holy lake," indented with numberless bays, embellished by fantastic headlands, and dotted with countless islands.
It was so feeble and inconsistent a culmination to the beautiful scenery they had passed through, so hopeless and imbecile a conclusion to the preparation of that long picturesque journey, with its glimpses of sylvan and pastoral glades and canyons, that, as the coach swept down the last incline, and the remorseless monotony of the dead level spread out before them, furrowed by ditches and indented by pits, under cover of shielding their cheeks from the impalpable dust that rose beneath the plunging wheels, they buried their faces in their handkerchiefs, to hide a few half-hysterical tears.
They received me in a great court, paved with marble slabs; around it were broad galleries, one above another, carpeted with seedy matting, railed with unpainted balustrades, and furnished with huge rickety chairs, cushioned with rusty old mattresses, indented with impressions left by the forms of nine successive generations of men who had reposed upon them.
On the other hand, I do not believe that any line of coast, ten or twenty miles in length, ever suffers degradation at the same time along its whole indented length; and we must remember that almost all strata contain harder layers or nodules, which from long resisting attrition form a breakwater at the base.
The indented coast and the bottom of the neighbouring sea, studded with breakers, would, if converted into dry land, present similar forms; and such a conversion without doubt has taken place in the part over which we rode.
I have in my mind's eye the western, indented with deep bays, the bolder northern, and the beautifully scalloped southern shore, where successive capes overlap each other and suggest unexplored coves between.
Further, an indent of 1073 vacancies in respect of Sub-Inspector (GD) has also been reported to SSC for the year 2018.
On this occasion, the growers complained that the attitude of the sugar millers remained inappropriate with them either it is in fixation of rate, provision of indent CPR or payment.
LAHORE -- Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) spokesperson here Sunday clarified that Mangla Hydel Power Station did not develop any fault last night and continued to generate electricity in accordance with water outflows as per IRSA (Indus River System Authority) indent.
New York-based aerial surveillance services firm Indent said it is partnering with US ultra-light aircraft manufacturer Quicksilver Industries on the production of a cost-effective alternative for government agencies and other customers faced with the challenge of acquiring surveillance aircraft that are extremely expensive to acquire and operate.
Engraved indent placement pattern ensures appropriate indent spacing is maintained, eliminating erroneous readings.