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All of Alpha's PET Indented Large Rounds are manufactured using a single-stage, blow-molding process.
Presently all the stakeholders are getting their indented supplies which are even more than provincial shares defined in 1991 accord.
Apple sauce: America's Choice is packaged in a plastic jar with indented grips - the shape is identical to the jar used by Mussleman's.
By using a more matte foundation you are eliminating the effect of light catching the more raised and indented areas.
By the 1830s formal indented craft apprentices were increasingly rare in the United States, but the courts, often without regard to parental opinion, continued to bind poor free boys and girls as "apprentices.
A barium swallow examination (figure) and computed tomography (CT) revealed that a large anterior cervical osteophyte was present from C3 down to C7 and had indented the pharynx.
I bear some responsibility, I guess, because I had shrunk the type and indented the paragraph so that, indeed, there were no quotation marks in my copy.
If there is a need for a third level, the heading should be indented, italicized, first word capitalized with remaining words written in lowercase letters, and followed with a period.
Respect'' was indented on the band, and UCLA doesn't believe USC has an ounce of it when it comes to the Bruins.
However, talking about setting up the tracking capability, CalsonicKansei's engineering director, Steve Burnette, says, "We created a plan to use a unique indented bar coding system--not a stick-on label, but a permanent mark that becomes part of the product and is readable throughout its service life--as a primary key, or pointer, for our database.
Along the Adriatic coast, which is the second most indented coastline in Europe (second only to the Norwegian coast), there are 1,185 islands out of which 67 or only 6 percent are inhabited.