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Insteel Wire Products metallurgical engineer Christopher Reeve, who chairs an ASTM section behind A1096, invites participation in helping to develop and maintain standards related to single prestressing wire; epoxy-coated, compacted, indented or two- and three-wire strand; and, related products.
All of Alpha's PET Indented Large Rounds are manufactured using a single-stage, blow-molding process.
I bear some responsibility, I guess, because I had shrunk the type and indented the paragraph so that, indeed, there were no quotation marks in my copy.
If there is a need for a third level, the heading should be indented, italicized, first word capitalized with remaining words written in lowercase letters, and followed with a period.
Such investigations may eventually furnish clues as to why fractals appear to abound in nature, from crazily indented coastlines to the intricate branching of air passages in the human lung.
Delivery Schedule: 50 Percent Indented Qty March 2015 And 50 Percent Indented Qty May 2015
The spokesman expressed concern over misquoting of the facts and clarified that all the provinces were getting indented supplies and there was no shortfall in supply being given to any stakeholder.
Alpha Packaging's stock packaging options now include a new line of indented polyethylene terephthalate (PET) rounds.