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All HR Series hardness testers can perform Brinell hardness tests when equipped with available optional accessories: a Brinell indenter, weight set and measurement microscope.
In addition, viscoelastic properties were studied by means of AFM nanoindentation by performing indentations at different indenter rates (19), e.
In NanoDMA mode, the indenter tip penetrated in (20 nm) increments up to 400 nm and used a frequency of 100 Hz.
Electronic apparatus is intended to hardness determination of metals and alloys in field and laboratory conditions using a portable manual structure with aid of the material is tested by a diamond indenter, hardness being expressed by its resistance to indenter action.
Several scratch testers exist, with the latest type being a nanoindenter that can move the indenter horizontally to give a calibrated scratch.
Hardness testing, one of the most common and widely used destructive testing methods, is performed by forcing a hard ball or diamond indenter into the surface of a casting.
The indentation process of pressing a Rockwell diamond indenter into inelastic material has been studied to provide a means for the analysis, simulation and prediction of Rockwell hardness tests.
For example, the diamond indenter itself affects the hardness by creating defects in the material, Cohen says.
The automated Air-O-Brinell DS/AOB System positions an indenter over the surface to be tested, moves it to the indent position via an air piston, and applies a 3000 kg test force via a standard 10 mm carbide ball.
The Indentron Series of Rockwell hardness testing systems from AMETEK features a cantilevered load arm configuration that provides an exceptional view of the indenter and test location.