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For example, the torsional resistance of the same material to a flat shaped indentor was tested at room temperature, 60[degrees]C and 80[degrees]C and at 300 N, 500 N and 700 N axial load (figure 5).
The diameters of the ball indentor and foot vary between methods.
jp/), in which the indentor was driven by a stepper motor and controlled by a computer [21-22].
To test hardness, engineers use a machine that forces a shaped indentor, often a diamond because of its hardness, into the surface of the test material.
All preset parameters can be set up in test files, and the complete range of test loads and indentor sizes also can be added.
A Vickers indentor attached to a Leitz microhardness (MH) tester was used to perform microindentation measurements.
The microhardness of the condensate was measured on cross sections by the Vickers method using a Polyvar Met optical microscope with the constant load on the indentor of 49 mN with the duration of 10 s.
For examination of surface relaxation kinetics, other coating samples with the same thickness were scratched using the "high-throughput" method in Hysitron Tribolndentor[R] with a Berkovich diamond indentor of tip radius R < 100 nm.
For example, in an early account of pressure flaking, Clement (1903:5) confused how the indentor was held and used.
The method used to measure hardness involves embedding a specific size and shaped indentor into the surface of the test material, using a predetermined load or weight.
The Knoop hardess test determines the hardness from the resistance of metal to indentation by a pyramidal diamond indentor with edged angles of 170 [degrees] 30 min and 130 [degrees] which makes a rhomboid impression with one long and one short diagonal.
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