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En su extremidad sur, la falla se conecta con el sistema de piedemonte llanero colombiano a traves del sistema de fallas de ChinacotaBramon, luego de sufrir dos inflexiones en angulo recto opuestas; estructura conocida como el indentor o punzon de Pamplona (Boinet, 1985; FIGURA 1).
In this indentation method, a conductive indentor tip is pressed through a thin film of the material and into a conductive substrate while the instrument measures the gap distance and conductance simultaneously.
The baseline surface microhardness (SMHb) of the enamel was measured using a Knoop indentor attached to a microhardness tester (Shimadzu Micro Hardness Tester HMV-2, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan).
The deformation in the specimen under a flat indentor can be seen in Fig.
The indentor was set to move at a constant speed of 50 mm/min.
Hardness measurements were taken in the central area of each specimen and readings were recorded immediately after removal of the indentor to minimise the effects of elastic recovery of polymers on the results.
and Smirnov, V., "On borehole indentor (BHI) measurement and analysis", Cold Regions Science and Technology, 76-77, 2012, 109-120.
Here, the depth of the indentation is taken from the lowest point that the AFM probe penetrates, to the position of the average surface(3) before indentation, i.e., not including the pileup around the indentation which varies in direction according to the shape of the three-cornered indentor. Figure 1(b) shows examples of the scratch profiles at the end of the annealing period.
Most instruments used in the past have an indentor that compresses the tissue while both force and tissue deformation are recorded simultaneously.
The microhardness of the condensates was measured on transverse sections of the specimens using a Polivar Met optical microscope fitted with an attachment for measuring hard-ness at a constant load on the indentor of 0.098N, duration 10 seconds.
This solution softens the dentin as determined by a knoop indentor and the extent of demineralization is proportional to exposure time and pH.8,15 The chelating action of EDTA results in a wide opening of the dentinal tubules in the root canal walls, sometimes also completely destroying the inter-tubular dentin in the region.15 In this study the speci-mens irrigated with EDTA alone showed (grade 2) partial removal of smear layer with occluding smear plugs as it has the capacity to dissolve inorganic components of smear layer only (Fig 4).
In measurements of hardness in a NHN-SAX-000X nanohardness meter at a load of [P.sub.m] =10 mN the indentor appears to 'collapse' (Fig.