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In Budget Anomalies, they point out that, Instead to Encourage Indenters like other export Oriented Sectors , Sindh Govt imposed injustice service tax on Indenters Since last year, Indentors Get Quantity discount from foreign suppliers and Safe Foreign Exchange and then get back this amount as a commission in foreign exchange .
Direction and indentation speed can be computer-controlled with quick replacements of indentors.
Indeed, using two different conical indentors with a spherical tip, they have recorded the critical load as a function of scratch speed.
This may be because a) different indentors are used for scratch and indentation hardness tests, and b) the scratch test is dynamic and the indentation hardness tests are static.
Such indentors can be |pyramid' shapes (Vickers and Rockwell) or have ball or spherical ends.
MB Textile Corporation is one of the leading importers, indentors and stockist of spinning, weaving, embroidery machinery and parts.
Rolling and Sliding Friction of Indentors on Rubber--Alan Muhr, TARRC, United Kingdom 117 2:00 p.
The use of bone indentors permitted the creation of denticulations or serrations that further enhanced the lacerating potential.
BASF & Hoechst are the principal indentors which are importing sizeable quantities of Hydrogen Peroxide and supplying the same to the large textile finishing units in Pakistan.
The company's modular concept is said to allow it to make basic design changes to its probes or special indentors to customize its instruments.
All selected indentors are general-purpose abrasive points (ref.