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Besides that Sindh Abadgar Board Mirpurkhas President Muhammad Umer Bughio said that there would be big loss to the growers as harvested cane was lying in the field and it might be wasted if sugar mills did not resume issuance of indents and crushing.
Medicines in huge quantity are got issued on fake indents and are later sold in market.
Factory calibration indents appear in octagonal pattern for easy identification.
The ELT2 option adds image analysis capabilities to the software to automatically measure the size of the indent, completely eliminating the need for manual measurement by the operator.
Scope II includes orders in particular: - mowing four times, subject to the second and third indents, - double mowing ditches and embankments, - mowing roadsides double - double weeding and cleaning sidewalks.
Hydel power generation has major share in the power generation and the generation plan is being furnished on the basis of indents by the provinces.
On July 6 all the provinces were getting indented supplies except Punjab as its indents for opening of CJ Link Canal and Great Thal Canal were pending for more than six weeks, said a press release issued here.
While the extruded product moves under the print wheel, the heated steel type indents a single line of characters into the product.
1 [micro]m displacement resolution), the DMA 7e was used to make several indents at loads ranging from 0.