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From 1879 to 1919, forty-two ships making eighty-seven voyages transported some sixty thousand Indian indentured laborers to Fiji (Gillion 1958:1).
Incredibly, however, Australia continued to import indentured Asian workers until the early 1970s.
Weber had emphatically pronounced that without caste there is no Hindu, the case of indentured Indians examined by Singh contradicts that classic voice in sociology.
The author is the descendant of indentured laborers in Guyana; in 1981, when she was almost seven, her family moved to Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.
Beyond a few recent titles, roughly 95 percent of the secondary sources cited in White Cargo are twenty to fifty years old, which illustrates not only a dependence upon dated material but argues against the thesis that white indentured servitude is a "forgotten history." How can this history be forgotten if it has been discussed and debated for at least half a century?
Typically the agreement allows for penalties and rewards if the indentured servant advisor fails to meet expectations or performs extraordinarily.
Overall in the rich world, because the United States has such a large population, about a fifth is indentured through not managing.
The use of indentured and often kidnapped Pacific Island workers in Queensland during the nineteenth century represents Australia's only substantial use of semi-free non-European plantation workers.
WHEN JEWISH ZEALOTS REBELLED AGAINST ROME in 70 A.D., the first thing the insurgents did as to destroy the debt records, liberating tens thousands of Judean peasants from crippling poverty and indentured servitude.
Allen jumped into his assigned role as an indentured servant becoming one of the first 17 re-creators to arrive at the three-home colony.