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com in Northridge, California, says independent contractors are an attractive choice for entrepreneurs who want to avoid the complexities of payroll and tax obligations.
Another factor that predisposed the college favorably to Independent 529 Plan was our positive experience with the U Plan, Massachusetts' state prepaid tuition program.
There is certainly a growing place for independent baseball in the world of professional baseball, because of the number of players who seek a second, or in some cases a first, chance to prove themselves,'' Seymour said.
Consumers are told about the benefits of working with an independent agent who can offer them choice of companies, customization of policies and advocacy support.
The EDD, seldom convinced that the independent contractor classification is correct, often will reclassify the worker as an employee, award UI benefits, then look for other workers who might be reclassified and assess the employer for actual or estimated unpaid withholding of employment and income taxes.
A workers' compensation appeals board determined Jerry Ware, a golf caddie, was an employee of a country club, not an independent contractor.
Swinging jazz, fantastic food, attractive museums, fascinating Americana and inspirational sessions for independent music teachers--all are a part of Kansas City's charm.
Having worked inside a corporation is the best training for serving it as an independent, according to Houston-based communication consultant Dee Dee Dochen.
At Kearsley, what independent living, assisted living and nursing home services are offered today?
Michael's College School in downtown Toronto also has a very long tradition of being independent.
Word about independent living spread throughout those local communities -- to rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and community-based organizations -- and the impact was felt immediately.

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