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Still, indescribable though our transfer policy may be, until you've heard "I Just Called To Say I Love You" played on an electronic kazoo as I did on holiday, you haven't even experienced 'indescribable'.
The conditions due to the fire damage verge on indescribable," said police commander Stuart Cundy, explaining that a full search of the building will take weeks.
Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, said in a statement today that the targeting of the Two Holy Mosques is an act against symbols of Islamic religion, its pillars and considerd as an indescribable crime, an assault on the sanctity of holy places and direction of a half billion Muslims around the world.
After Gomez and Wadkin were sentenced, Det Sgt Fiona Mattholie said: "The brutality and violence used in this attack was almost indescribable.
From the anthemic We Will Rock You to the discoinfluenced Another One Bites the Dust via the rockabilly of Crazy Little Thing Called Love, the operatic Bohemian Rhapsody and the frankly indescribable Bicycle Race, their back catalogue is nothing if not eclectic.
Indescribable -- except to mention the author's position as professor of religion at Columbia, and that it contains some of the finest prose and photography you'll find anywhere -- consequently, we will now commit the unpardonable sin of stealing a line from the publisher's press materials: "This timely meditation gives pause in the midst of harried lives and turns attention toward what we usually overlook: night, silence, touch, grace, ghosts, water, earth, stones, bones, idleness, infinity, slowness, and contentment.
mouth there's an indescribable movement, most likely unattractive,
Travolta said that the hurt after the death of his son is indescribable and a strong family life is needed to deal with such a thing.
In a sense, though, insurance was but an empirical science until the Indescribable Company made its appearance.
Our loss as a family is indescribable and the fact that she is no longer with us has not yet sunk in properly.
The singer added that she usually takes the lead while praying with her family and that her voice when reading the verses from the Quran is indescribable and that it is a gift from God.
Mostly, though, it's the indescribable feeling in the pit of your stomach, the glorious uncertainty and anxiety prior to a runner that never changes with time.