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That which is uncertain or not particularly designated.


adjective ambiguous, anceps, cryptic, dubius, endless, equivocal, featureless, fluid, formless, hazy, ill-defined, immeasurable, in a state of uncertainty, in doubt, inarticulated, incalculable, inconclusive, indefinite, indistinct, infinite, limitless, measureless, nonspecific, not ascerrained, not designated, not fixed, not fixed in extent, not made certain, not particularly designated, not precise, not settled, obscure, open, open to question, shapeless, termless, unbounded, uncertain, unclear, undecided, undefined, unfathomable, unfixed, unlimited, unmeasured, unordered, unresolved, unsettled, unspecified, vague, withhut bound, without end, without limit, without measure
Associated concepts: indeterminate damages, indeterminate penalty, indeterminate punishment, indeterminate sentence
See also: ambiguous, broad, casual, conditional, debatable, disputable, equivocal, evasive, generic, indefinite, nebulous, oblique, pending, provisional, uncertain, undefinable, unspecified, vague

INDETERMINATE. That which is uncertain or not particularly designated; as, if I sell you one hundred bushels of wheat, without stating what wheat. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 950.

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Five nodules were sent for Afirma GEC testing that were not indeterminate morphologically.
The immediate substitution of the value of x in the above limit gives indeterminate form [I.
3)-adaptable, it means that the system is 70% adaptable, 20% indeterminate regarding adaptability, and 30% inadaptable; we may receive the informations for each attribute phase from different independent sources, that's why the sum of the neutrosophic components is not necessarily 1.
The claim (i) that it can be indeterminate whether a state M represents C and, at the same time, indeterminate whether it does not represent anything at all is a consequence of one of the two principles that TR endorses: Teleological.
50% of sonically indeterminate masses showed central and peripheral vascularity, of these all except one proved to be malignant histologically.
Similarly, current PMTCT practices may lead to repeatedly indeterminate results, probably because of ART suppressing the HIV VL below diagnostic threshold values, with subsequent delays in initiation of cART.
Such a large number of people were sentenced to IPPs that "it soon became clear that existing resources were insufficient" and "IPP prisoners swamped the system in place for dealing with those serving indeterminate sentences", the human rights judges ruled.
He said he expected judges to hand down "tough" prison terms for those who would otherwise get indeterminate sentences, with no parole until they have served two-thirds of their term behind bars.
For those who nominate the indeterminate option, "x" will appear in the gender category in their passport.
Judge John Reddihough sentenced Bryant to an indeterminate sentence of imprisonment for public protection with a minimum term of seven years.
The positive screen was followed up with a confirmatory western blot (WB) [3] analysis, which yielded an indeterminate result.