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That which is uncertain or not particularly designated.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

INDETERMINATE. That which is uncertain or not particularly designated; as, if I sell you one hundred bushels of wheat, without stating what wheat. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 950.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In the Results unit, as shown in Table 1, the frequency of occurrence of indetermination strategies is not as high as in the previous structural units (8.4% in English and 3.5% in Spanish).
In the De-Neutrosification process indetermination (I [member of] [0,1]) is replaced by its maximum and minimum values.
The "indetermination of the margin"--the potentiality of memories to move from an unconscious to a conscious state, bringing with them "the entire mass of residual powers, impulses, and knowledges that constitute our empirical self"--is, for a person at any point along the continuum of division, the key to transformation.
Nancy recognizes the indeterminate character of any entrance into a virginal space--like the simultaneous sense of invitation and withdrawal we feel from art--this self-division that translates into indetermination of presence and absence, of proximity and withdrawal which is at the core of every aesthetic encounter.
In your article "Somatic Modes of Attention (11)," you claim that the principle of indetermination undermines the duality between mind and body, between "myself" and the "other," and between subject and object.
The indetermination of the Europe under construction, or its indefinite territorial extension, is in part the result of a very powerful disposition in us: an indifference to frontiers or borders, even a disdain for them.
While most narratives in the novel are "traditional" narratives, if I dare use such a term, (7) the impression of abstraction and indetermination that hovers over the ruelle is reinforced by the high number of narratives with anonymous characters.
Again, within Bronfen's main argument, this observation (in which she does not even include the symbolic stagings of death that I mention) serves to underline Else's death-drive in a situation of existential indetermination. For me, the aspect of "ruining it for the man" (see her idea to "spoil it for Dorsday," 168) is more important here as it ties in with Odoardo's challenge to the Prince at the end of Emilia Galotti.
Such discrepancies are not due to mistranslation: "In this way we hope to display in the most striking manner the regular, ordered polysemy that has, through skewing, indetermination, or overdetermination, but without mistranslation, permitted the rendering of the same word by 'remedy,' 'recipe,' 'poison,' 'drug,' 'philter,' etc." (33) This over-determination (which results in a certain indetermination) of pharmakon is the result, as Jasper Neel says, of "both a history and a sediment of prior meanings." (34) As the Phaedrus is linguistic fabric, "[t]herefore the dissimulation of the woven texture can in any case take centuries to undo its web." (35) The pharmakon, with its colorful philological history, "...introduces itself into the body of the discourse with all its ambivalence." (36 )
For the Master has seen that the universe is a-centered, and that in this space you are but a "`zone of indetermination'" (9).