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A book containing references, alphabetically arranged, to the contents of a series or collection of documents or volumes; or a section (normally at the end) of a single volume or set of volumes containing such references to its contents.

Statistical indexes are also used to track or measure changes in the economy (for example, the Consumer Price Index) and movement in stock markets (for example, Standard & Poor's Index). Such indexes are usually keyed to a base year, month, or other period of comparison.

In mortgage financing, the term is used to determine adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) interest rates after the discount period ends. Common indexes for ARMs are one-year Treasury Securities and the national average cost of funds to savings and loan associations.

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This paper supports the use of automated indexing. Indexing is a pivotal tool in information management and it must be automated like other library processes.
Automatically indexing an information source will save time at same time be faster, since most of the rigorous human effort would now be performed by a machine.
Indexing can be the greatest expense associated with an ongoing imaging system.
In many cases, the indexing data already exists in another system, such as an ad-hoc document tracking application or a database, associated with the operation that generates the document.
The absence of style drift is an important reason why Shambo says his clients embrace indexing. He uses the example of the Fidelity Magellan Fund, which for a long time was considered an aggressive growth stock fund.
Shambo says indexing is reliable from the standpoint that you "know you're getting what the market is going to give." That can be important, especially as clients near retirement and begin to be concerned that things might go wrong.
Just as with indexing, different union catalogs have placed differing emphasis on the importance of consolidation and the lengths to which they will go in performing record consolidation.
In some cases, these variant fields are all used for indexing and display purposes; in other situations, a "best" version of a field is selected for display or indexing purposes.
The Art of Indexing concentrates on delivering information so the writer can master the mechanics of indexing.
The book is enhanced with formulas for calculating the time and cost of creating indexes, lists of indexing organizations and indexing software, a sample style guide, and sample indexes.
To the extent indexing creates or increases an ordinary loss on the sale of property, its application would be barred and the incremental ordinary loss treated as a long-term capital loss.
The contract's neutral cost recovery proposal, while less tedious than indexing, is even more complicated.