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Dealler and colleagues suggest it is due to tryptophan being metabolized to indole which is absorbed into the portal system and converted to indicant by the liver.
Similar indicants of romantic status were employed by Greenberg et al.
In other words, some people use money as an indicant of how well they are doing in the game of life.
23; Treatises I, 62: "Mollia indumenta animi mollitiem indicant.
The increased frequency of time in special education for students with more than one classification is consistent with the view that comorbidity is an empirically based indicant of severity (Clarizio, 1990).
One indicant of this is excessive concern over mistakes leading to low self-esteem, low perceived athletic competence, and dissatisfaction with their sports performance.
Available research suggests that the DMAQ is a psychometrically sound indicant of this construct (for a review of studies using the DMAQ, see Morrison, Morrison, & McCann, 2006).
The only exception is the third indicant of ATTI, which has an estimate of 0.
To test the second hypothesis, participants' scores on the measure of genital satisfaction were correlated with scores on the various indicants of pornography.
Indicants of physiological-genital arousal include, for men, penile tumescence and, for women, vaginal blood volume or temperature.