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To test the second hypothesis, participants' scores on the measure of genital satisfaction were correlated with scores on the various indicants of pornography.
It is suggested that organizational changes in the United States during the last two decades, such as downsizing and outsourcing, have reduced the possibility of attaining of some traditional objective indicants of career success (Heslin, 2005).
716/1316) largely abandoned formal rationality in favor of substantive approaches that attributed certainty to textual indicants that "are only probable but recurrent in their meaning" (p.
Since that time, programs have been ranked with regard to the publishing prowess of their faculties (for example, Lignon, Jackson, & Thyer, 2007), student selectivity (Kirk, Kil, & Corcoran, 2009), academic reputation (for example, Green, Baskind, Fassler, & Jordan, 2006), and other purported indicants of scholarly productivity, influence, arid excellence (for example, Feldman, 2006).
As suggested in the two-stage approach, to estimate the path model with a second-order social capital construct in PLS, latent variable scores for the first-order constructs were used as indicants of the second-order construct (Chin et al.
The estimated loadings for the relationship between individual indicants and their underlying construct are, without exception, large and significant (t-value > 8.