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Means and standard deviations for each indicant of aggression are provided in Table 1.
For example, using a nonverbal test to identify academically gifted minority students presumes that nonverbal reasoning abilities are better indicants of academic aptitude for such students than measures of verbal or quantitative reasoning.
Emerging as a core component of successful marketing relationships, the level of trust an individual has in an organization is an important indicant of the willingness to look beyond short-term inequities (e.
The Czech Republic has so far the best economic indicants and its unemployment rate is by far the lowest in the region.
As Fincher has said, "standards should express the expectations we have carefully and systematically formed for competence and achievement, and criteria should provide us with objective indicants of how well standards have been met" (Fincher, 1984: 501).
A comparison of indicants for peptic ulcer disease.
Three of these ar direct measures of system perofrmance which also are key indicants of use satisfaction and performance.
Fifteen items describing assessment and treatment techniques were used as indicants of the rehabilitation approach.
716/1316) largely abandoned formal rationality in favor of substantive approaches that attributed certainty to textual indicants that "are only probable but recurrent in their meaning" (p.
One theoretical framework for understanding indicants of motivation (i.
Single items indicants of perceived attractiveness have been used by other researchers in this area (e.
The above--cited differences were not considered to be indicants of any systemic threat to the construct validity of the generated scales and therefore additional analysis was undertaken.