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These include enlarged blood vessels, which may indicate liver disease and swellings, which may suggest enlarged organs, such as the liver or spleen.
Table 7 indicates that for 240 companies for which the CEO thought tax management either always or often pointed out tax savings opportunities to senior management without being requested to do so, there were 204 senior tax persons who responded either always or often to the same question.
Research indicates that PR programs and practitioners that actively employ CI offer a significant service for their companies.
Officers should note any dramat ic changes in the child's room that coincide with the departure, which may indicate predeparture preparation or an attempt by an abductor to conceal evidence.
"Thin melody ropes / Entwine my neck" appears to indicate that music can also be a means of entrapment.
The greater support for abortion by males also could indicate that they do not identify themselves as being responsible for a child.
In the survey, we asked the respondents to indicate how appropriate it would be for certain individuals or departments to be involved in each function.
Results indicate the 1,4-polyisoprene is miscible at room temperature with polybutadienes of >24% 1,2 content.
Balzers' tests indicate that TiN coating of injection molds can have a beneficial effect on mold filling.
This Doppler shift will indicate wind speed to an accuracy of a meter per second.
The statistics indicate that NAVSEA's Systems Engineering Intern Program is an astounding success; nevertheless, there is always room for improvement.
Their results indicate that approximately 15% of the pregnant women they studied may have experienced cumulative organophosphate (OP) pesticide exposures exceeding a health-protective value.