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Much of the previous research on self-regulated learning has indicated that self-regulatory processes are linked with content domains, and individuals learn how to apply these skills in a given learning or applied context (Kiewra, 2002; Zimmerman, 1998).
Two years ago, 90 percent of managers indicated that engineers were learning systems engineering, as did 63 percent of current engineers.
A One-way ANOVA indicated that Naive and Sophisticated mean estimates did not differ significantly F(1,72) = .
A random sample of 400 members of the American Counseling Association (ACA) who indicated that they were employed in schools (elementary; middle, or high) and had joined the organization after 1995 was generated by and obtained directly from ACA.
Twenty-four of the items were statements to which the respondent indicated on a seven-point Likert scale (Likert, 1932) the degree of their agreement or disagreement (with "1" indicating the highest agreement and "7" representing the strongest disagreement).
When the percentages are substantially less than 100%, it is indicated that several foundries in the group do not employ that particular process step (e.
Additionally, participants indicated that their attitude toward the course improved after completing the course.
6%) indicated that co-workers that they knew personally made anti-gay or anti-lesbian remarks.
In response to the survey, 89% of the students indicated that they lived in a very low to low SES area with 11% responding that they lived in medium to very high income areas.