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Eighty-one percent of respondents indicated that they were extremely satisfied (42.86%) or very satisfied (38.31%) with the Patient Safety Features appearing in the BON Bulletin.
- Yampi Member Indicated Mineral Resource of 175 Mt @ 33% total iron and 38.6% weight recovery (at a minimum 10% total iron cut-off grade) and includes 59 Mt @ 51% total iron and 55.1% weight recovery above a 50% total iron cut-off.
Forty-seven (96%) states also explicitly indicated they would evaluate reports of clusters or unusual influenzalike cases by local physicians, clinics, and institutions in their state, and 40 states (82%) indicated they would evaluate reports of laboratory-confirmed influenza from state health department and other laboratories (Appendix Table 2).
Virginia: The state supreme court overruled a regulation that had subjected companies to a net income tax filing requirement if they used their own truck fleets to deliver TPP, and indicated that this type of delivery was protected; see Dep't of Tax' n v.
However, some directors provided a different view on enrollment when they indicated last summer was lower than most of the past five summers (22 percent), and some camps reported their worst enrollment (13 percent) for that five- year period.
When triggered by an incoming red photon with certain traits, the computer searches for the marked location and checks for a match between the location indicated by the photon and that target (SN: 6/3/00, p.
A total of 36 percent of respondents indicated that they are in hospitals with 100 or more physicians on staff; 31 percent are in hospitals with budgets of $100 million or more; and 31 percent are in hospitals with 2000 or more employees.
Two years ago, 90 percent of managers indicated that engineers were learning systems engineering, as did 63 percent of current engineers.
Danny Defenbaugh, the lead investigator for the FBI, indicated that there were no clear links to co-conspirators, saying, "If there were others unknown, I guarantee you that we would have gotten them."
Moran (1999) and other urban Indian researchers have indicated that this was an issue facing their projects as well.
Control over the place of work is indicated when the person for whom the services are performed has the right to compel the worker to travel a designated route, to canvass a territory within a certain time frame or work at specific places.
Few respondents identified this as a key treasury concern, while over three-quarters indicated that their companies are very concerned and are aggressively responding to the new regulation.