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The manufacturing supplier delivery time index stood at 56.8 points in January 2018, indicating improved supplier delivery time for the eighth consecutive month.
The PBIDT stood at Rs 178.90 crore indicating an increase of 138%.
Satisfaction was measured on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 indicating (low) and 4 indicating (high) satisfaction.
It appears that for every drop in percentage on 140-screen data, the 70-screen data pick up the slack and shifts the sand volume, indicating a strong correlation between the two data sets.
Computed tomographic scan showed multiple lung cavitary lesions, indicating necrotizing pneumonia.
It summarizes the content of each article by indicating how the arguments and issues discussed dovetail into one another.
The right to fire a worker is a factor indicating the worker is an employee and the person with the right is an employer.
Thunder Bay Ventures, a non-profit community futures development corporation funded by Industry Canada, presented in mid-July the results of the 2002 Thunder Bay business opinion survey indicating both optimism and pessimism in the attitudes and performance of small business in the city.
By completing program evaluation surveys from graduate programs or by simply sending the program chair a letter indicating areas of strength or concern, school counselors can ensure that counselor educators are informed.
Only 15% of respondents have used the web to pursue such transactions, indicating hat the long feared disintermediation of real estate brokers by the web remains a long way off.
"Passim" (here and there) may be used, non-italicized, but only sparingly, and only after inclusive page numbers indicating a reasonable stretch of text have been cited.
The next two numbers will be 51, with the 5 indicating a September purchase and the 1 indicating the year (2001).