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The majority of students, 119, or 79% circled "I am" indicating personal responsibility, 12, or 8%, circled "My instructor", and 19, or 13% wrote in that both they and the instructor are responsible for their learning.
By completing program evaluation surveys from graduate programs or by simply sending the program chair a letter indicating areas of strength or concern, school counselors can ensure that counselor educators are informed.
Twenty-four of the items were statements to which the respondent indicated on a seven-point Likert scale (Likert, 1932) the degree of their agreement or disagreement (with "1" indicating the highest agreement and "7" representing the strongest disagreement).
Only 36% of the smaller foundries reported duplexing, indicating a great deal of direct tapping from the coreless furnace to the nodulizing ladle.
Company Debuts Valve with Indicating Purifier (VIP), Mini Series of Smart Indicating Purifiers (SIP) and Gas Chromatography (GC) Start Up Kits