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Similar findings have been reported in earlier studies indicating difference in egg shape index in different strains (Ali et al.
Caption: Figure 3--the raw stress versus shear rate plot, known as a Lissajous plot, shown for EPDM 1 and EPDM 2 at 90[degrees] of arc or 1,255% strain; secondary loops are observed for EPDM 2 and an absence of loops is seen for EPDM 1, indicating differences in the presence of long chain branching
The reading text is followed by an extensive commentary, which occupies almost twice as many pages as the text (258 pages, while the text is 142), mostly indicating differences between the Middle English and the Latin source.
by Pajhwok Monitor on 28 May, 2014 - 10:42 KABUL (Pajhwok): A key insurgent faction on Wednesday announced breaking away from the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), indicating differences within the outlawed group.
The lawyers stayed away from the court proceedings on the strike call of the Lawyers Coordination Committee while Pakistan Bar Council termed the boycott call unnecessary and turned it down indicating differences between the lawyers ranks.
Findings: Tendencies and trends indicating differences between completers and non-completers of online courses were detected in varying degrees on all three measures utilized in the study.
The use of a numerical subscript, showing the uniqueness of every person or event, indicating differences as well as similarities, as in: ca[r.sub.1], ca[r.sub.2], ca[r.sub.3], etc., chil[d.sub.1], chil[d.sub.2], chil[d.sub.3], etc., communication medi[a.sub.1,2,3] n ...
"Black" beads are more intensely tinted versions of a variety of colors, possibly indicating differences of origin not considered here.
While optimists ranked freedom as the third most important terminal value, pessimists placed it fifteenth, indicating differences in personality dispositions.
Saenz (1992) suggests that, while there is some evidence indicating differences in the diets of male and female Mediterranean geckos, the differences are probably due to differences in microhabitat selection because female geckos consumed the same size prey items as males.