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As previously reported, the geographical indication will act on a par with the existing "appellation of origin" (AO).
Also, the company had earlier announced that Patton Vision had corresponded with it in December 2016 making an unsolicited, non-binding indication of interest to acquire all outstanding shares of the same class A and B common stock for USD18.50 per share in cash.
Amer Sports said that on 11 September 2018, in response to media speculation, it had confirmed the receipt of a non-binding preliminary indication of interest (the indication of interest) from a consortium comprising ANTA Sports Products Limited and the Asian private equity firm FountainVest Partners (the consortium) to acquire the entire share capital of Amer Sports.
Conclusion: In this study, fetal distress and non-progress of labor were the main indications for Category-1 and Non-Category-1 CS respectively.
The FDA issued a draft guidance on July 6 to provide recommendations for consideration when drafting the Indications and Usage section of human drug and biological product labeling.
The most common indication was previous scar, the most frequently observed indication in literature.
Erytech Pharma SA (EPA: ERYP) has selected triple negative breast cancer as the next target indication to broaden the scope of eryaspase (Graspa) development in solid tumours, the company announced on Tuesday.
The indication of "change in bowel habit" included the indications of diarrhea and constipation.
Patel RV et al found that previous caesarean section contributed in 36.3% as the indication for repeat caesarean.
Geographical Indication law and the registration of products at domestic and international level will give international recognition to the Pakistani products which have some unique attributes associated with them," he said.
Under the European wine rules, classification is made by the origin of wine and the geographical indication. In Macedonia's case, what may cause a problem is the origin.
Hepatitis A vaccineC Indication: All countries except Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and CanadaC Validity: Two doses (0, 6 months), repeated every 20 yearsC