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Indicatively set as a term for inclusion in the final Share Transfer Agreement, was that the total purchase price will not exceed EURO 60,000.
Indicatively, labour department director Alexandros Alexandrou stated that the unemployment rate in the UK decreased by three to four per cent due to the utilisation of training programmes, a policy not adopted by Cyprus.
Indicatively the highest levels of support for adopting the single currency were seen as far back as in 2008-2009.
The budget is split indicatively by country as follows: Albania ( 2 million); Bosnia and Herzegovina ( 5 million); the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia ( 2 million); Kosovo ( 2 million); Montenegro ( 1.
Although, at this stage, no bid has been received in connection with the scheme it is indicatively included in the Designed for Life programme.
LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Standard & Poor's CreditWire 10/30/97-- Standard & Poor's has today indicatively assigned its single-`A'-minus rating to the FRF6 billion (US$1 billion approx.