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Consider any recommendations on reporting frequency and templates for those core indicators.
In last week's blog posting we began a discussion of technical indicators for the stock market which are widely used.
HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius called the Health Indicators Warehouse "a new public resource needed to fuel development of innovative information technology applications needed to improve health and health care decision-making.
Results are shown in graphs on which the upper dashed line shows the average implicit indicator.
By contrast, the service confidence indicator remained broadly stable in August, showing a small improvement in the EU and unchanged confidence in the eurozone.
In the past, government agencies and other groups have used various indicators to track and report on trends within their own particular silo of responsibility.
The author points out that these trending indicators are lagging indicators as they depend on past financial data.
Compile trends data and other statistical information such as census data, demographics, morbidity and mortality data, and health status indicators
Comparing your company's key performance indicators against those of industry peers, known as benchmarking, produces valuable information to help you improve your company's financial performance and increase its value.
Once again zero out your indicator, then run the "Z" axis until the indicator reaches the opposite edge.
The Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) Occupational Health Surveillance Work Group, a subcommittee of the Environmental/Occupational/Injury Committee, completed a set of proposed occupational health indicators that can be used by states to track work-related adverse health effects and their determinants.
It is organized as a series of indicators, with each indicator presenting data on a different aspect of school crime and safety.