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Indicator species for Managed sites consisted of species frequently associated with oak savanna habitat in the upper Midwestern United States (Table 3; Betz and Lamp, 1990; Grundel et al.
From the indicator species analysis, a total of 32 species had significant indicator values for one (n = 15) or more (n = 17) habitats (Table 2).
The results of the indicator species analysis showed that 11 of the 34 lichen species were significantly correlated to the four sectors of the forest (Table 4).
Western harvest mice are one such indicator species that are associated with prairie-like habitats (Ford 1977).
Analysis of the indicator species (Appendix 2) using various groupings of data gave ambiguous results.
Due to the difficulty of calculating a biodiversity index, monitoring an indicator species may be an alternative.
These bats are important indicators of both biodiversity and environmental quality, particularly as they are nocturnal and therefore differ from other indicator species such as butterflies and birds.
It's good to show how environmental management helps bring back key indicator species.
Key words: agricultural encroachment, aquatic macroinvertebrates, boreal transition, indicator species, phosphorus, waterfowl
After finishing the site classification and mapping of the Nature Park, interspecific correlation analysis was applied in order to determine the indicator species of the sites.