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Hassan Merhi, the fifth indictee, was added to this list in July 2013].
See in this regard Victor Peskin's suggestion that international criminal courts should, among other things, consider "[s]trategically timing indictments to mitigate domestic opposition to the arrest and transfer of indictees.
Western nations, many of which have a policy of only "essential contact" with ICC indictees, sent ambassadors to the ceremony.
At the Rwanda Tribunal (ICTR) where I worked for six years, eighty-three of the ninety-two indictees have been brought to justice--many of them of very high rank.
By issuing an indictment, the ICTR assumes an obligation to ensure that its indictees receive the rights provided for in its statute.
Accordingly, the realpolitik voices that complain that the actions of international judicial institutions can prevent desirable political settlements with potential or actual ICC indictees overstate the dangers of "judicial absolutism.
France, a key backer of February's revolt, reminded Africans of obligations to hand over the surviving ICC indictees - former intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi and Saif al-Islam.
aThe arrest of the two remaining International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia indictees removed a major stumbling block from Serbia's European path and marked an important step towards reconciliation in the region.
The arrest of the two remaining Serbian indictees for war crimes removed a
The average number of days in pre-trial detention for East Timorese indictees was 477 days, with the longest such detention lasting three years and six months.
The most prominent of the indictees was Mustapha Badreddine, reputedly Hizbullah's operations chief, who allegedly masterminded the Hariri assassination and is a member of the movement's governing Shura Council.
We continue to oppose invitations, facilitation, support for travel by ICC indictees," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters.