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The second Chief Prosecutor, Louise Arbour, pursued a similar path in building the Tribunal's intermediate authority through compliance partners--focusing more on the ICTY's coercive criminal law mandate to increase the ICTY's caseload of indictees by working with external enforcement agencies, gaining state cooperation with the Tribunal, and garnering media interest in the Tribunal's work.
Indictees of the ICTY are held in the same converted Dutch prison in The Hague suburb of Scheveningen, though such facilities are referred to as the UNDU.
Sarah Nouwen and Wouter Werner point out that in its very claim to be enforcing universal rules, the ICC demonizes its indictees as enemies of all humankind, and this very process serves to weaken them politically.
In total, Serbia has delivered on all 46 ICTY requests for handing over indictees.
But failing to hand over indictees to the STL is not likely to prevent a trial.
Their topics include an empirical study of foreign law in American jurisprudence, evaluating the International Criminal Court and the apprehension of indictees, the role of international actors in promoting rule of law in Uganda, and how the International Law of Human Rights changed the Argentine Supreme Court.
The indictees were members of a paramilitary unit known as Sakali (Jackals), the statement from Vladimir Vukcevic's office said.
The Prosecutor informed the SRSG after the arrests had taken place and all of the indictees were aboard helicopters heading for detention.
In addition to Mladic, two other ICTY indictees are at large, both Serbs.
Although a court has been appointed to try indictees in that case, no suspects have been named.
He stressed, however, that in order to move forward on the EU integration path, Belgrade has to "do everything in its powers to arrest the remaining ICTY indictees, including Ratko Mladic".
If Hitler had been alive in October 1945, the 21 indictees who were in fact tried at Nuremberg would not have been let off the hook.