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INDICTION, computation of time. An indiction contained a space of fifteen years.
     2. It was used in dating at Rome and in England. It began at the dismission of the Nicene council, A. D. 312. The first year was reckoned the first of the first indiction, the second, the third, &c., till fifteen years afterwards. The sixteenth year was the first year of the second indiction, the thirty-first year was the first year of the third indiction, &c.

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The fourth indiction during the imperial reign of Maurice was 586/7; the church and complex must date to the sixth, or perhaps the fifth century (with baptistry decoration later).
As an indiction of how much work goes into the structure, A&P said they will use up to 20,000 metres of electrical cable, 10,000 metres of electrical cable carrier as well as 1,000 pieces of electrical equipment, build up 2,000 metres of ventilation, 6,000 pipe, vent and electrical hangers and use 50 tonnes of thermal insulation.
Staff had no indiction the business was to shut down and be placed on the market this summer.
A judge warned that the fact she was being bailed at the moment was no indiction of the eventual sentence.
The Top 10 list produced by BBCWales is a welcome indiction that things are changing.
O'Riley and George Noll were bailed, but Judge Parry told them: 'Don't take that as any indiction of what your eventual sentence will be.
But the amount of people here is no indiction of their popularity.
Police have given no indiction of how the bodies came to be in the cave uncovered by hunters on Sunday, after they noticed a foul smell on the hillside.
Film of them give some indiction of why this failed artist could exercise such control over a great nation.
His style is very like that of Henri Leconte, which means he is a super player to watch in action, very agile and very fast about the court ``Obviously I don't know how he is going to develop, but all the indictions are that he is going to make a big name for himself soon if he avoids making silly mistakes when it counts,and it could happen this year.
Early indictions are that Delaney will not return until the match away to Middlesbrough on April 24, after which there will only be three matches of the Premiership season for Villa.
The nosegear showed unsafe, with no indictions of getting any better.