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INDIFFERENT. To have no bias nor partiality. 7 Conn. 229. A juror, an arbitrator, and a witness, ought to be indifferent, and when they are not so, they may be challenged. See 9 Conn. 42.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This long series of surprises increased the mistrust of D'Artagnan, as the eternal indifference of D'Artagnan provoked the suspicions of Aramis.
But to Philip's mind, filled already with a vague anxiety that was likely to find a definite ground for itself in any trivial incident, this sudden eagerness in Stephen, and the change in Maggie's face, which was plainly reflecting a beam from his, seemed so strong a contrast with the previous overwrought signs of indifference, as to be charged with painful meaning.
They bore the curate with contemptuous indifference, but the district visitor excited their bitter hatred.
"Rejoinder to Hoppe on Indifference," Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 12, no.
The next step that Van Jones addressed is "respecting the wisdom of all people." When we can recognize that all people and all cultures possess their own wisdom and that wisdom is of equal value to all of us, we can eliminate indifference, which may be the greatest challenge to our humanity.
"Depraved Indifference: The Worker's Compensation System" is a scholarly look at the American Worker's compensation laws and how they are not just for today's world filled with high risk jobs and deadly chemicals that many must work with almost daily.
"Deliberate Indifference: A Gay Man's Maltreatment by the United States Department of Justice" is the story one Chris Wehner, a man who feels he has been horribly mistreated by the police and the Department of Justice due to his lifestyle preferences and the prejudices of one reactionary detective.
To make the logic as accessible as possible, in the intuitive example, I will assume that individuals have indifference curves and that these indifference curves are homothetic.
This Note examines the treatment of depraved indifference murder across the thirty-six states that include the concept in their criminal codes.
Vatican City -- Pope Benedict insists that tolerance is not indifference. "Tolerance implies concern and respect for others, not indifference" (Zenit, Sept.
And then there's the Bush administration's famous indifference to aging-related policy other than privatization of Social Security and some small (albeit promising) experiments with "money follows the person."
The violence done to Africans, as well as the First World's indifference and complicity in African death, is different in John le Carre's The Constant Gardener (Focus Features).