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Pope Francis called the nuns "today's martyrs" because they were both victims of their killers and of global indifference.
IN hospital before Xmas I witnessed the distress and misery of my 'neighbour' in the next bed, and recalled the speech "Perils of indifference" by Nobel Peace Laureate Elie Wiesel, quote: "Of course indifference can be tempting more than that, seductive.
The indifference towards refugees in some European countries amounts to living in denial of history
Rather than accepting indifference, the Presbyterian Church, as a community of faith, recognizes that indifference to what happens in our world is not an option.
This article will address the question of what happens in New York when two counts are charged in the alternative--specifically, intentional murder and depraved indifference murder--and the jury convicts on one of the counts.
Austrians traditionally claim that their theoretical analysis makes no use of the concept of indifference: it is considered impossible to demonstrate indifference in action; hence, it is not a praxeological concept.
Indifference may be even more dangerous than ignorance.
The reality is that the noble words of so many high-blown declarations have been matched with a barbaric indifference to rights of the unborn.
To make the logic as accessible as possible, in the intuitive example, I will assume that individuals have indifference curves and that these indifference curves are homothetic.
This Note examines the treatment of depraved indifference murder across the thirty-six states that include the concept in their criminal codes.
He explained that "every form of indifference is radically contrary to the profound Christian concern for man and his salvation.
And then there's the Bush administration's famous indifference to aging-related policy other than privatization of Social Security and some small (albeit promising) experiments with "money follows the person.