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While other countries, particularly in the East African Community, have been indifferent over the deal arguing that it does not offer enough protection for local industries against goods imported from Europe.
I am pretty much indifferent to that," he told reporters, TASS reported.
I wouldn't say it's been a bad start it's just been indifferent compared to last season, where they started fairly slow, grew into it, and fully deserved the title.
STEPHEN GALLACHER is looking to end an indifferent 12 months in this week's Omega Dubai Desert Classic.
Skin burns at the site of an indifferent electrode patch have been a rare, serious, and likely an underreported complication of RFA [4, 5].
BE[pounds sterling]KREE[currency] (CyHAN)- Turkish charity organization Tuna, which operates in Romania, delivered 22 tons of food materials to disadvantaged people indifferent which race, religion and language they are.
In the 11%-12% range are Couch Chatterers (mostly females who watch traditional TV and talk/text about it by phone); Indifferent Multiscreeners (mostly young males who interact with social media and watch an occasional TV show on a second screen); and Moderate Multiscreeners (mostly females who enjoy traditional TV, social media and multiscreen viewing equally).
London, May 22 ( ANI ): England football team manager Roy Hodgson believes that his key striker and Manchester united star Wayne Rooney is determined to prove himself at this year's World Cup in Brazil after two previous indifferent campaigns.
The new breed of owner that we've seen in places like Hull and Cardiff seem just as indifferent.
2, ATC Code: S01XA20, Generic Name: Artificial tears and other indifferent agents (unpreserved), pharmaceutical form: Eye drops, Strength: 1 + 3 mg / ml Unit Value: 0.
Turkey cannot remain indifferent to the oil and natural gas resources in northeastern Iraq, an executive of Genel Energy has said, as Genel Energy and Petoil have discovered quite high quality oil in the Chia Surkh site.
The octogenarian lawyer- turnedpolitician- turned- lawyer has claimed that he is indifferent to whatever the party might do to him -- suspension and a show- cause notice being the most recent of the BJP's actions.