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INDIFFERENT. To have no bias nor partiality. 7 Conn. 229. A juror, an arbitrator, and a witness, ought to be indifferent, and when they are not so, they may be challenged. See 9 Conn. 42.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He said the cases of kidnapping for ransom have increased indifferently in the provincial metropolis and if the government would not make concrete measures to curb such crimes, the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would go to other provinces of the country for treatment.
Unknown persons threw bundles of bulletins in the ballot box, and committee members watched indifferently. In 13% polling
Scientists have, until now, struggled to understand why some of the molecules worked unexpectedly well, while others performed indifferently. Now, researchers have discovered that manipulating the 'spin' of electrons in these solar cells dramatically improves their performance.
I don't know why the tenants of this building are behaving so indifferently to their neighbours and other passers-by.
Indifferently made and nearly tension-free, this Liam Hemsworth starrer should generate moderate opening weekend B.O.; after that, it would be well advised to look over its shoulder.
responded indifferently to consumers' repeated complaints despite intensive exposure in the Chinese media.
As Wen spoke of making "improving people's well-being" a priority, commuters at Tiananmen West metro station walked indifferently past giant television screens showing his speech live.
When finally the dog and the boy break up, the owner of the dog walks away indifferently as if nothing has happened.
"The second sentence (of my response) is that we should not treat this indifferently," Ren said.
In his view, Albanians are acting indifferently and do not debate a way of government on the same level with the Macedonians but whether it is better to "serve" Gruevski or Crvenkovski.
He jumped indifferently today, but I don't think he likes jumping out of that ground.
"VMRO DPMNE thinks we are blind and they indifferently say that they have nothing to do with this recording which came as a "shock" to them as well.