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9 (ANI): India's indigenously developed 3rd generation Anti Tank Guided Missile (ATGM), Nag has been successfully flight tested by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).
This would be the most preferred category for procurement and it is expected to promote indigenously designed products and bring significant investment in defence R&D.
He offered the sale of indigenously produced JF-17 Thunder and Super Mushshak aircraft to Kuwait Air Force.
General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Chief of Army Staff, while appreciating the work of NESCOM scientists and engineers, highlighted that induction of indigenously developed surveillance capable UAVs in Pakistan Armed Forces is a force multiplier, and will substantially enhance their target acquisition capabilities in real time.
Over the past few decades, India has made substantial advances in terms of designing and building warships indigenously and the visiting ships bear testimony to these capabilities.
Azad said that indigenously developed screening system and strips will significantly lower costs, and thereby, dramatically increase accessibility and equity in terms of diagnosis and control of diabetes and have a tremendous socio-economic impact throughout the country.
Myanmar Navy Ship UMS Aung Zeya, indigenously built by Myanmar having sensors which have been made by M/s Bharat Electronics Limited, participated in International Fleet Review-2016, which was conducted at Visakhapatnam in Feb 2016.
It is the first indigenously developed nuclear missile with a range of 350 km and is capable of carrying 500-1,000 kg of warheads.
The previous best unit synchronisation achieved for indigenously manufactured supercritical unit was 46 months for L&Ts Rajpura project in Punjab, which has now been improved to 42 months.
Research and Development has also been focussed for indigenous development of solar tube wells and solar appliances while during the period indigenously developed Solar Photovoltaic Power Units of total capacity of 313 KW have been installed for demonstration purpose to raise awareness among public and create demand for locally produced solar panels.
8 million with different countries for the production of defence arsenal indigenously.
Indias premier research institution DRDO under the Ministry of Defence will organise an exclusive exhibition in the Parliament premises to showcase various defence & technology products developed indigenously in India.

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