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In particular, among these attributes, natural and organic, flavor versatility, convenience, authenticity and indigenousness, and craftsmanship were of the greatest concern to consumers.
There is a need to look beyond the oversimplifications that appear to pertain in the management literature in order to develop working definitions of both indigenousness (what it means to be 'indigenous', and the focus of our enquiries) and indigenous knowledge (as distinct from any other type of knowledge).
For me, headhunting ceased being just a part of history and became, in the most personal way, a part of my heritage--an expression of my indigenousness.
We want to express Tsuno's culture through wine,'' Obata said, noting that indigenousness is a key factor for winning reputation overseas and helps local wineries survive.
Although the upper-class characters are more "European," at least culturally, none of the lower-class characters are portrayed using stereotypes of indigenousness.
In our context, authenticity of origin may be defined as indigenousness of impetus, perspective, and structure.
At the same time, such fluid yet historically grounded expressions of identity seem to differ from recent state shifts toward multiculturalism, which tend to re-create reified notions of indigenousness.
Indigenousness, in other words, is no more justification for claiming special rights in perpetuity than having red hair, white skin or bad taste.
Yet it is these kinds of representatives, as well as organizations from outside the community, such as NGOs and the Catholic church, that link the local community with larger discourses of Indianness and indigenousness.
As much as the Prime Ministers, indeed not any two PMs but John Howard and Helen Clark, repeated the national and trans-Tasman myths of ANZACs, mates, and working together, the incorporation of indigenousness into the memorial allows for the possibility of disrupting those myths.
Her identification with La Malinche has nothing to do with her indigenousness and more to do with her lover's whiteness.

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