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(19) When recast in spatial terms, in other words, 'beginning otherwise that with indigenousness' becomes more than just a 'tribal legend' of Judaism.
(35) In other cases, it can be more restrictive, with local communities insisting on criteria of "indigenousness" as the basis of belonging.
Either way, both are positions that tend to dehumanize social and cultural groups such as the jibaros (and all forms of indigenousness and mestizaje) and, in this case, have a tendency to perpetuate the traditional, elitist, and "official" discourses of the nature of history and Puerto Rican culture.
"It is a true Farmstead cheese."(2011-3) In sum, indigenousness and authenticity are important attributes that cannot be ignored when evaluating the perceived value of products.
El articulo "Indigenousness Without Ethnicity in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, Mexico: Natives, Outsiders and Community-based Identities" de Rosa Guadalupe Mendoza Zuany analiza la relacion entre identidades etnicas, indigenas, y aquellas basadas en lazos comunitarios y locales en las comunidades de Ixtlan y Guelatao, en la Sierra Norte de Oaxaca (Mexico).
Thus, the authors of the book fill a gap in literature with their research by exploring not only the issue of indigenousness, but also the importance of political leadership.
Nonetheless, as Young writes, "the indigenousness of Chinese Catholicism, stemming from its considerable history, was compromised by its continuing foreign hierarchy" (14).
An ethnic character was ascribed to remnants of material culture, which, in turn, proved the indigenousness of a particular community in a particular contested territory.
Indigenousness and the mobility of knowledge: Promoting Canadian governance practices in the Russian North.
Afoegbu, with a research on stress levels among teachers in Nigerian universities, showed that the stress level of instructors is considerably above average, and this had nothing to do with gender, indigenousness and marital status, but has relationship with work experience and age.
Again, she goes beyond the simple and obvious ideas of cultural imperialism or crude indigenisation by pointing to the global as a resource for national industries, claiming that 'in and through the interaction (and even the opposition) between identity and otherness, between domestic and foreign, the conditions of possibility emerge for the elaboration and expression of true indigenousness in cultural production' (p.
Bobby Vaughn and Ben Vinson II write, "While intellectuals and political actors eventually embraced Indigenousness, the topic of blackness, despite enjoying moments of vogue in political circles in the late 1870s, became viewed as antithetical to national ambitions." (17) The histories of African-descended populations remained alive in embodied cultural practices, specifically regional music and dance forms from several Mexican states.

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