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BEIRUT: Mary Khoury sits indignantly arranging printouts of the Lebanese flag under the scorching July sun -- a banner for her brother George, who for nearly a year now has been a hostage of the Nusra Front.
IN response to Coun David Cook who very indignantly says that on May 25, a handful of individuals calling themselves the English Defence League are to march through Newcastle and goes on to make his protestations about it.
You foul-mouthed sex obsessed swine," retorted the lady indignantly.
They call these robes bedsheets," he said indignantly.
Louis Walsh ruffled some feathers when he accused British singer Tulisa Contostavlos (Henderson's mentor) of influencing and manipulating her protegee's style, something she indignantly refuted.
On being pressed not to treat the dead Indian differently, the gravedigger bursts out indignantly, "I have always treated every man the same - just as another future customer".
LIAM Fox - who claims once to have stepped out with Natalie Imbruglia, though she indignantly denies it - is in deep doo-doo.
Amazingly, I was unhurt, but because of my shock and anger, I got up indignantly and walked away.
It's only at the venue that they seem interested," he says indignantly.
That person is missing and accused of treason simply for expressing an opinion," the European official exclaimed indignantly.
Rather indignantly, I confronted him with his very words and said, "So, you had no problem with the carpet for two years and then you get married, and just because you wife doesn't like it, you now complain for the first time and want us to honor your request?
The then Basilian Director indignantly rejected the protests against inviting one of Canada's leading anti-Catholic, pro-abortion spokesmen to a Catholic institution.