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They gave me no time to see that much," answered Sancho, "for hardly had I laid hand on my tizona when they signed the cross on my shoulders with their sticks in such style that they took the sight out of my eyes and the strength out of my feet, stretching me where I now lie, and where thinking of whether all those stake-strokes were an indignity or not gives me no uneasiness, which the pain of the blows does, for they will remain as deeply impressed on my memory as on my shoulders.
I made as good a fight of it against the indignity of taking my ease as I could.
This man was Gashford, who, bruised by his late fall, and hurt in a much greater degree by the indignity he had undergone, and the exposure of which he had been the victim, limped up and down, breathing curses and threats of vengeance.
Mrs Jarley's wrath on first learning that she had been threatened with the indignity of Stocks and Penance, passed all description.
The indignity lives Judge Hunt said: "The indignity lives on when some pervert looks at the material.
She proposes a critical reframing of understanding prejudice and racism in society--a shift from prejudice as antipathy to prejudice as harm inflicted by indignity.
What defies belief is Great British Racing's indignity that it should be challenged on this.
Luka Magnotta closed his eyes and showed no emotion after a jury in Montreal found him guilty of first-degree murder and committing an indignity to a body for the killing and dismemberment of Chinese engineering student Jun Lin in 2012.
With our own Memory Museum, it is my hope that future generations will not only recognize the heroism and sacrifice of nameless Filipinos who suffered torture, indignity and death so we may live in freedom, but will cherish and protect this freedom," Binay added.
It is totally unacceptable for anyone to be made to suffer the indignity that Precious Msibi was made to endure.
But Katie Waissel has had to suffer the public indignity of realising that her nan's Imperial Mint habit was being funded by turning tricks (slowly, so as not to trigger arthritis).
What they're really saying is "Keep me in the show so I don't have to go back to the indignity of living like you do.