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Dr Wedad Al Maidour, Head of the National Tobacco Control Programme under the Ministry of Health, told XPRESS in the run-up to World No Tobacco Day that the UAE has successfully checked direct advertising of tobacco products but the ban on indirect advertising still needs reinforcing.
Radio Broadcast published a listener's letter m support of indirect advertising on New York station WEAF (which in 1922 became the first station to use advertising; see Barnouw 1966, 110-11), but the writer warned against blatant direct advertising.
If you were defending someone and you won a case someone might read it and think: 'Hemust be all right', a sort of indirect advertising.
its advertising ban, which covered both direct and indirect advertising, and was due to come into force in July 1996, was not implemented until May 2000 because of a series of challenges.
Before the ban the tobacco industry spent pounds 25m on advertising, excluding sponsorship and indirect advertising.
The UK-wide ban on press and billboard advertising will be followed by bans or tighter controls on in-pack promotions, direct marketing, sponsorship, and brand sharing - a form of indirect advertising where non-tobacco products use the branding of tobacco products.
Key issues will include the extent of bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship to encompass direct and indirect advertising.
In this day and age, advertising cannot be limited to written sales material, and the concept of marketing includes a wide variety of direct and indirect advertising strategies.