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During debate over what would become the Radio Act of 1927, Congressman Emanuel Celler of New York even objected to indirect advertising, calling it "disguised" and "deceptive" advertising.
We had tried in a few small cases, as an experiment, to put across indirect advertising, with more or less disastrous results.
A subsequent ban has outlawed television, radio, and outdoor advertising but fails to restrict point of sale and some forms of indirect advertising.
However, in general I disagree with prohibition, because the ban on cigarette advertising, for example, has given rise to other forms of indirect advertising through the use of brands for other products.
Dr Wedad Al Maidour, Head of the National Tobacco Control Programme under the Ministry of Health, told XPRESS in the run-up to World No Tobacco Day that the UAE has successfully checked direct advertising of tobacco products but the ban on indirect advertising still needs reinforcing.
There is evidence to show that indirect advertising encourages smoking.
Interpretation of Article 49 EC and Council Directive 89/552/EEC on the coordination of certain provisions laid down by law, regulation or administrative action in Member States concerning the pursuit of television broadcasting activities (in the version prior to that of Directive 97/36/EC) - National legislation prohibiting advertising for alcoholic drinks, for reasons of the protection of public health and on pain of criminal penalties - Prohibition of indirect advertising as a result of advertising panels appearing on television - Restrictions on the freedom to broadcast sporting events where prohibited advertisements appear.
They claimed that advertisers who are banned from direct advertising will simply opt for the more subtle (and perhaps more insidious) route of indirect advertising - lifestyle images such as clothes, boots, and adventure holidays which promote tobacco products without directly showing a cigarette, such as the "Marlboro Country" campaign.
The draft proposal takes the Court's advice and excludes cinema advertising, poster advertising and indirect advertising.
A draft protocol on advertising and sponsorship envisages scrapping "all direct and indirect advertising, promotion and sponsorship concerning tobacco".
This would, according to the Council's Legal Service, be the case in respect of the tobacco advertising Directive, since it makes provision for measures, notably those introducing a blanket ban on indirect advertising, that go beyond what is necessary for the functioning of the Single Market.
As regards the delicate issue of indirect advertising, Member States may allow a brand name already used in good faith - before the 3-year deadline set for transposition - for both tobacco products and other goods or services, provided the name is only be used in a manner clearly distinct from that used for the tobacco product.