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"When I was the minister for vigilance, the complaint against me was that I did not interfere in it", said Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala in an indirect comment against Mani.
In an indirect comment on the issue, Hezbollah senior official Sayyed Hashem Safieddine said that whoever designated the resistance group as terrorist, was actually revealing his true intentions.
Apart from the subtle histrionics, the show made, unintentionally or not, an indirect comment on the state of the society and mental illnesses pervading the populace.
Fneish's words came as an indirect comment on the recent stands made by Interior and Municipalities Minister, Nuhad al-Mashnouq, without naming him.
They only had themselves to blame as Gatland's decision to throw on five subs after an hour was either a declaration of supreme confidence in his own squad or indirect comment on the limited ability of the Scots.
``Stein smiled and replied `and what a player he would be in your match setup of one game a week' perhaps an indirect comment on Bobby's weight problem, a telling factor in his slow, yet still glorious, decline at Celtic.
"No individual is mentioned and nothing should be seen as a direct or indirect comment on any individual" it states.
``No individual is mentioned in the report and nothing in the report should be seen as a direct or indirect comment on any individual.''
Moreover, although Bibbiena does not refer specifically to warfare, his jab at the Venetians' inability to use horses is an indirect comment on Venice's limited success in battles on the Italian mainland.
In an indirect comment on the uproar Friday, Nasrallah alluded to the statement in a speech honoring an assassinated Hezbollah commander.
In short the Prime minister's indirect comments on the forces and prime intelligence agency proved the impuissance of the government's graph and failing of resolving general publics' main issues.
There would have to be some record of direct or indirect comments by the officials involved, said Kennedy.