indirect hint

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It starts with an indirect hint that 'there is money for the boys' if the contract is awarded to a favored party, and the goodwill money will be deposited in a foreign bank to avoid the scrutiny of the Anti-Money Laundering Council.
There can be no free market without freedom," Singh, who is credited with ushering in economic reforms in 1991 as then finance minister, said in an indirect hint to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is trying hard to attract foreign investment.
The indirect hint was quite evident - the money supply should increase and the RBI should act.
Harb said in an indirect hint to Syria, that the surprise might come from the outside.
In an indirect hint at Greece, the letter said "the need for policy action
The authors do suggest that the field needs to reorient its research from "main effects question (what works) to the moderated model question (what works, for whom, under what conditions, how and why)," perhaps providing an indirect hint that the Hutchinson design may not be the standard.
At best, we can examine various surrogates, indicators, partial measures, and indirect hints to try to get some empirical purchase on the answer.
Two types of hints were compared in their study, direct and indirect hints.
But Prince Alwaleed has not declared such a candidacy, although he has frequently made indirect hints to that effect.
This must be a reference to the failure by the British Government to appreciate BMW's indirect hints on the future of Rover were in fact an attempt by the German car giant to address a serious problem.
So although Sweitzer has come close to catching the creatures mating, he has had to settle for stumbling upon pairs that seem to be on the verge of reproduction--animals that provide only indirect hints about how por- cupines find and pick mates.
Other researchers hail the new discovery yet remain cautious about interpreting these indirect hints of life.