indirect implication

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Hence, the Ministry of General Affairs and Governance, whose measures in the context of the so-called "indexation" system related to the state's subsidization of basic consumer products had provoked wide controversy, was surrendered to Minister Mohamed El Ouafa who dissented from Al-Istiqlal Party, in what points to an indirect implication by the withdrawn party that won in the Moulay Yacoub constituency.
An indirect implication is that the US could make use of new resource reserves in Africa for both Power Africa and its own national interests.
But the indirect implication of IPAB in the scandal has led some members of Congress to ask for an overhaul or even elimination of the agency.
The Commission also proposes a system for avoiding "double counting" (where the same carbon equivalent tones would be recorded twice and equivalent emission reduction would also be rewarded twice): it also provides that no ERU would be issued for reductions that have direct or indirect implication for the emissions from installations covered by the Directive creating the EU trading system.
The demographic changes have also had indirect implications on water availability.
Apart from direct implications on GDP rise and provincial development, CPEC would have indirect implications on Pakistan's economy.
However, there are also concerns over the indirect implications of these events on the communities residing within as well as the camps' environs.
USPRwire, Tue Jan 19 2016] Brazil's construction sector will remain in recession in 2016 as the direct and indirect implications of Operation Lava Jato weigh on the industry.
Although details on Iran sanctions deal and approval process yet to be finalized yet the possible broader direct or indirect implications are expected to have a wide spread benefits on Pakistan macros particularly the completion of much awaited Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline project hanging in balance only because of the US pressures depriving Pakistan economy of the affordable energy benefits.
The speakers said that rapid changes in the agricul ture sector are happing at the international and national levels which have direct and indirect implications for local communities.
We need to address both the direct and indirect implications of the basic discoveries, including the unintended consequences.