indirect influence

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Even if I live I shall not be without uneasiness as to what he may attempt through indirect influence. This man has gained Dorothea's ear: he has fascinated her attention; he has evidently tried to impress her mind with the notion that he has claims beyond anything I have done for him.
"Oh, well," she said, "indirect influences scarcely count, or one might trace the causes of everything which happens back to an absurd extent.
Get Report Sample Copy @ This analytical study tracks the macroeconomics as well as microeconomic factors that have a direct or indirect influence on the growth of the probiotic ingredients market over the course of the forecast period.
The key potential negative environmental and social risks and impacts associated with the construction phase include: (i) the influx of temporary workers; (ii) increase in traffic on local roadways generated by construction vehicles; (iii) air and dust emissions; (iv) noise; (v) generation of wastewater and solid waste; (vi) handling of hazardous waste; (vii) lack of capacity of municipalities to absorb and manage the additional pressure on social and physical infrastructure; and (viii) presence of indigenous communities in the Projects area of indirect influence.
To Get Sample Copy of Report Click here @ The main motive of this research study is to highlight various market scenarios that include new trends, developments, opportunities, growth propelling aspects and restraints that have a direct or an indirect influence over the growth of the precious metal plating chemicals market.
The conference participants committed to identifying areas of collaboration and to build synergies to enhance financial inclusion in the country by undertaking a systematic analysis of the growth drivers that may have direct or indirect influence on the microfinance industry.
It will also have an indirect influence on the country's weather.
The aggregated indirect influence of factors in the model was more important than the direct influence.
By enacting laws and regulations and implementing industry policies and other economic measures, the Chinese government has exercised significant direct and indirect influence on the development of China's property industry.
Paul Chambers, a professor at Naresuan University in Thailand, said with the CNRP dissolved, the CPP is helped in the election because of incumbency, name recognition, the most funding relative to other parties, indirect influence over the election laws, and backing from the judiciary.
Up to now, protests simmer in UP and in other state universities and colleges in part because of the direct and indirect influence of the trio.
More than a technique, indirect influence is a way of life.