indirect influence

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Even if I live I shall not be without uneasiness as to what he may attempt through indirect influence.
To test the indirect influence hypothesis, I model the rationalization-free presidential and vice presidential evaluations endogenously.
in her book, The Power of Indirect Influence (AMACOM, $17.
The intent is to ensure "absolute loyalty and undivided allegiance to the best interest of the government agency they serve and to remove all direct and indirect influence of an interested officer, as well as to discourage deliberate dishonesty.
Since science is supported largely because of its instrumental value, we can expect religion will have at least an indirect influence.
Should these incentives apply to creature comforts that might have an indirect influence on safety?
that there was some direct or indirect influence behind the crime," Gonzalez said.
Hopkins's commitment to indirect influence was also apparent in her position on suffrage, a more conservative position than that expressed by those female contemporaries she profiled, such as Frances Harper, Ida B.
Tehran may have an indirect influence on the island's majority Shii population, but Fakhro argues that there is no evidence of Iranian material or organizational backing for protests.
Nevertheless, even if the average person involved with early music cannot name the source, Gough's direct or indirect influence is stronger than ever.
Deviations from the standard biblical text may be due to mnemonic borrowing from IV Kings, added to the use of an Old Latin exemplar, or the indirect influence of the Septuagint - with which Remley finds a series of parallels.
Indirect influence is always more difficult to prove, and the reader is permitted to question to what extent Peter de Rivallis operated independently of the bishop's dictates.