indirect path

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Metaworry for emotion-oriented coping reflected a medium effect, according to the guidelines spelled out by Cohen.18 Finally, the mediating effects of metaworry were calculated for effect size in the light of literature Preacher and Kelley.19 In line with the main purpose of the study, the indirect path between emotion-oriented coping and negative beliefs about rumination was explored (Figure).
Indirect path coefficients were determined by multiplying appropriate r (correlation coefficient between two yield components) and p values as described by Li (1975) and shown in Fig.
Data for the boys also demonstrated a negative indirect path from autonomy to enjoyment via external regulation.
There is already evidence of Indian involvement in Balochistan, Karachi and formerly FATA and Indian Government could try to restore its damaged credibility at home by embarking upon an indirect path to destabilize Pakistan.
However, in comparison with direct path ([beta] =.29), the indirect path (i.e.,.59 x.58) was found lesser, [beta]=.34, p<.01 but significant, which supported the presence of partial mediation.
That suggests to Iadecola that less salt could cause the same problems: "I suspect that you can get cognitive impairment from even lower levels than we used." What Salt Does The effects that Iadecola found follow an indirect path. When the mice ate their doctored food, the excess salt triggered a response in their small intestine.
The indirect path is through the purchases of pharmaceutical products and services by Medicare and Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, and the Affordable Care Act.
AaAaAeA{AaAeAeAYAaAaAeA Our research into Oman SWFAaAaAeA{AaAeAeAYEs landscape has pointed that chosen to adopt an indirect path towards investment in technology through fund investments.
The indirect path from the independent variable to the dependent variable via the mediating variable must be estimated within a range that does not include zero.
Spectroscopic analysis clearly demonstrated that the poisoning species in the indirect path is adsorbed CO, while the reactive intermediate is a formate species [8-10].
[r.sub.ij][p.sub.jy] is the indirect path, representing the indirect effect of [x.sub.i] on y via [x.sub.j].

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