indirect quotation

See: paraphrase
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These words have been scarcely altered from the written text, although sometimes what is indirect quotation in the text becomes direct quotation in the movie.
The article argues that Davidson's paratactic theory of indirect quotation is inferior to an account that employs the paratactic strategy to interpret indirect discourse and ascriptions of propositional attitude as involving reference to propositions.
Throughout the main body of the book, Hennessey weaves together direct and indirect quotations from primary sources, organizing his material into twelve chapters that highlight the phases of the standoff.
However, even if Finn were unaware of my other writing on this topic, his point would simply have evaporated if he had not used a mixture of direct and indirect quotations in order to avoid quoting the previous sentence which reads, "Sometimes these problems [that are often laid at the door of the market economy] arise because government is not performing its own legitimate functions properly" (italics not in original).