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The indirect selection for grain yield, when combined with the resistance to soybean cyst nematode, may represent an efficient strategy to be adopted for the optimization of the genetic gain in soybean.
As mentioned, the FMP and DMP traits showed a greater linear positive association degree with NP and FMAPWP, FMAP, DMAPWP, and DMAP traits with NL (Table 1), which suggests that NP and NL could be used for indirect selection of plants.
Genetic Gain from Direct and Indirect Selection and Selection-Based Index.
Therefore, indirect selection strategy may rely on shoot traits, with the note that these observations refer to pot grown plants examined at the vegetative stage of growth.
An alternative biometric procedure to mitigate the effect of G x E interactions and consequently increase the gains from indirect selection is the use of environment means to calculate the expected response.
Since the best option for crop production, under stressful conditions, is to improve both yield and yield stability through indirect selection, variability and heritability of traits related to stress tolerance need to be studied.
Several scientists have proposed methods to predict direct and indirect selection responses (Falconer, 1989; Bourdon, 2000).
Keywords: Common wheat; Genetic correlation; Heritability; Direct and indirect selection methods
Selection of these two traits may help in indirect selection of high yielding genotypes.
Gravois KA, Milligan SB, Martin FA (1991) Indirect selection for increased sucrose yield in early sugarcane testing stages.
'This means that there is a form of indirect selection occurring with people buying standard annuities in the open market being healthier and living longer than may be have been expected in the past.
As Maynard Smith (1976) foresaw, mate choice generates two types of indirect selection on female preference, equation (1).